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APC Schneider Electric It USA AP9630 UPS Network Managment Card 2

  • APC Schneider Electric It USA AP9630 UPS Network Managment Card 2

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Proprietary Slot Type: SmartSlot
Ports: 1 x RJ-45 Network
Scheduling: Customize shut down and reboot of connected equipment and UPSs
Data logging: Identify problematic trends before they escalate or export the data log for analysis
Event logging: Pinpoint the timing and sequence of events leading up to an incident with the event log
Run command file: Run command file on shutdown sequence as well as start-up sequence
Remote UPS management: Enable management of your UPS by connecting it directly to the network.
Browser Accessible: View the user interface with a browser and provides quick access from anywhere on a secure network
Enterprise management system compatible: Manage your APC devices from a single system by forwarding SNMP traps (events) to your preferred enterprise management system
Reboot equipment remotely: Saves dispatching technicians to remote locations
Operating System Shutdown: Prevents possible data corruption by performing graceful, unattended operating system shutdown in the event of an extended power outage

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