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AMD FirePro W5000 2GB W/HYBRID BIOS OEM PCIe Graphics Card

  • AMD FirePro W5000 2GB W/HYBRID BIOS OEM PCIe Graphics Card

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ndustry-leading multi-display technology enabling highly immersive and unrivaled multitasking experience across up to three displays, powered by a single AMD FirePro™ W5000 graphics card.1

Allows the GPU to process geometry data at a rate of twice per clock cycle resulting is a doubling in the rate of primitive and vertex processing. Triangle rates increase two-fold relative to a GPU that does not possess GeometryBoost.
DisplayPort 1.2

Simultaneously output multiple, independent audio streams and display content at resolutions beyond standard HD (maximum resolution of 4096x2160).
Energy Efficient Design

AMD PowerTune technology dynamically optimizes GPU power usage and AMD ZeroCore Power technology significantly reduces power consumption at idle.2
AMD ZeroCore Power

AMD ZeroCore Power technology leverages AMD's leadership in notebook power efficiency to grant our desktop GPUs the ability to power down when your monitor is off, also known as the "long idle state."
AMD PowerTune

AMD PowerTune is an intelligent system that performs real-time analysis of applications that utilize a GPU. In the event that an application is not making the most of the power available to the GPU, AMD PowerTune can improve that application's performance by raising the GPU's clock speed.
Video Codec Engine (VCE)

A multistream hardware H.264 HD encoder, for power-efficient and quick video encoding.

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