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Matrox Imaging is an industry-leading developer of component-level solutions recognized for providing OEMs and integrators with innovative yet cost-effective solutions. Founded in 1976, Matrox is a privately held company based in Montreal, Canada.

Our components include smart cameras, vision controllers, I/O cards, frame grabbers, and processing platforms - all specifically designed to decrease development time and costs while providing optimal price/performance within a common software environment.

Matrox Imaging technology is used by leaders in factory automation, process control, electronics, pharmaceutical packaging, semiconductor inspection, robotics, radiology, microscopy, and video surveillance industries. We ensure that customers stay with us over multiple product generations by consistently meeting demands for cutting-edge technology, technical consulting services, integration assistance, and the highest manufacturing standards.

A global player in the imaging market, Matrox has branches in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, Germany, and the United States, along with sales representatives in more than 25 countries worldwide. Our proven track record assures customers that we will meet their needs for performance, value, and service, now and in the future.